The Trademark Registration Checklist

A quick trademark registration in india ‘Boot-Camp’ that aims to elucidate the legal and commercial benefits of trademark registration and what every business should realize the way to protect the legal rights in their business name….

  1. Exclusivity: The One and Only… – Trademark registration will confirm your legal ownership of the name or brand and enable you to prevent others using your name for an equivalent , or similar, goods or services. A successful trademark application will mean that you simply quickly become the sole business which will use the name in your sector. This can’t be achieved by name registration or by name registration. Any name you adopt should be legally available, satisfy the standards for trademark registration and will be registered as a registered trademark at once . Trademark registration will make sure that you’ve got the prerogative to use your particular name or brand in your product or service sector within the geographic marketplace for which you’ve got obtained registered rights.
  2. Stay Safe: Avoid Infringement Claims – A successful trademark registration demonstrates conclusively that your name is deemed to be legally available in your market sector and doesn’t belong to anyone else. It generally means pre-registration searches showed your name to be free to be used and registration which nobody else was able successfully to oppose your application. Once you’ve got obtained a trademark registration, the danger that your use of the trademark will infringe the trademark rights of anyone else is vastly reduced. The converse is additionally true. If you steam ahead and adopt a trademark on faith if it’s available, and protecting it by trademark registration, you’re running a really high risk that you simply will sue for trademark infringement by the owner of the mark. This ultimately means court action against you to restrain your use of the brand, and award of damages, confiscation and destruction of infringing stock and heavy legal costs.
  3. Protect Goodwill and Reputation – a robust and memorable brand that’s protected by trademark registration is that the surest legal foundation on which to create the reputation and goodwill of any business. A business that soldiers on without the advantage of a registered trademark is missing out on an enormous commercial opportunity. Strong registered brands (Mercedes, Google, Amazon, iPad, The London Eye etc) quickly pass into the collective consciousness of the planet consumer market and become synonymous with quality, consistency and reliability.